Anna Júlia Morais Schwarz

ASE/BBS 2020

“YYGS provided me with an idea of what I would find in college and which type of people I would potentially be studying with, and let me out of the “bubble” that high school is, mostly in a country where extracurriculars are not valued. YYGS was a really important step for my personal growth and it gave me a vision of the world I wouldn’t be able to acquire without a global program.”

Opoudicast is a project I founded during YYGS. I came up with this idea because I have always been the kind of person who liked to speak up and express my ideas, with a leadership passion and desire to change the world somehow, even if just locally. However, I did not have the courage or initiative to do something about it before. YYGS, however, was what inspired me to finally go out there and contribute with my thoughts.

Opoudicast is an Instagram page/ Spotify account for posting podcasts within distinct subjects I am interested in talking about: education, culture, discussions, entertainment, etc. Besides weekly podcasts that are produced, Instagram posts on various subjects have already been made, including a text event in which we made a collection of various texts from our followers. I work alongside four friends, and we have produced over 60 posts and 15 podcasts.

Ambassador Year: