Ananda Adlam

BBS 2019

“YYGS really gave me a world mindset and taught me that every experience, no matter the culture or background, is valid and that everyone has something important to bring to the table.”

Paper to Paper Recycling is a student-led initiative created by students of Campion College, my high school in Kingston, Jamaica. It collects and sells recyclable paper and paper products to a manufacturer and the profit is used to fund educational projects in schools across the nation. Paper to Paper aims to achieve the mass education of the Jamaican public on more sustainable and ecologically moral ways of living.

I’ve always been very fond of nature and the biological workings of the world, so the threat of climate change and ecological issues sparked a fire in me to get up and do something, anything, to help. A fellow student, Bob Deng, came up with the initiative, and joining has fueled my enthusiasm and encouraged me to put my energy into more productive ways of dealing with this global crisis.

Paper to Paper will launch in 2020, and we hope to become a nationally recognized initiative, with our sights set on hopefully making a significant change in the lifestyles and carbon footprints of Jamaicans, the Caribbean region, and one day, the world.

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