Ana Chinchilla

SGC 2020

“YYGS definitely changed me; it helped me understand in a deeper way topics such as populism and globalization, it opened my mind to a whole new world of opportunities and solutions that may work in my country, it awakened in me the desire to change something bigger than my family and friends, something like my country, or at least some communities. After YYGS I feel very motivated and encouraged to change a very small part of the world; I know I have the responsibility to leave a mark.”

After YYGS I decided that I wanted to make a change, at least in a very small part of the world. My long-term goal is to create a corporation to provide jobs to poor women, by selling Guatemalan ethically made textiles in a completely different way. I want their products to be completely international, with a fair price. I was inspired by the YYGS Impact Panel and the “Fast Fashion” seminar.

I came up with this idea because when I travel to astonishing places in my country, I always find beautiful textiles but the women that sell them can barely make money, they are very poor and their work can take even weeks, so I think that if they all belong to a corporation, they can make more money, selling their products fairly priced and working under ethical conditions, making their product sustainable and with green farming practices. I would also love to create a more technological method for them to produce their textiles faster, easier and cheaper.

But meanwhile I’ve decided that I want to make people aware of the damage that fast fashion produces. I will start an instagram account and hopefully I will be joining other people that want to take care of our future.

Ambassador Year: