Amrita Nambiar

BBS 2019

“Having the opportunity to explore New Haven with friends was a very unique experience. I had never before been that independent, so for me personally, this was very special and I enjoyed doing things on my own. From finding my way around campus to deciding how much money to spend, even doing my own laundry (and getting it done before curfew, whew, that brings back memories), I finally felt like a self-sufficient, responsible person. I am really looking forward to living like this at university, and I thank YYGS for giving me the opportunity to discover this about myself.”

Anyone doing the IB knows how stressful and challenging writing the Extended Essay (EE) is. It is a mandatory 4000-word research paper on something that we are passionate about. Writing about cancer was always my first option, but it was hard to settle on a topic. 

My knight in shining armor was YYGS. One of the seminars I attended was, “Winning the War on Cancer - One Meal at a Time.” The seminar did not disappoint, and I learned so much! From the effects of red meat and sugars to the ambiguity surrounding the definitive links between certain foods and their roles in inducing cancer, it was a very informative session. After this, I couldn’t wait to get started on my essay.

Fast-forward three months later, and I’m currently working on my final draft: “To what extent do various diets from around the world affect the incidence of gastrointestinal cancers in the middle-aged group?” I couldn’t be more proud of my progress. I have chosen diets from 5 different regions of the world and using data from various credible and educational sources, I can see some tangible links materializing right before my eyes. I couldn’t be more grateful for where I am at this point in time. Thank you YYGS for motivating me!

Ambassador Year: