Adhiraj Chhina

New Zealand
PLE 2020

“I was able to engage with a diverse student body, which not only allowed me to learn about other cultures and communities, but also share my own experiences and make friends who I still remain in touch with and have bonded with, long after the first two weeks in which we interacted.”

I had an amazing experience at YYGS Connect, but I couldn’t help but think about the less fortunate individuals in my community in Noida, India, who didn’t have the same privileges as me to partake in online learning during the pandemic.

Inspired by my time at YYGS, I decided to start a fundraiser for the NGO Dribble Academy to raise funds for smartphones to allow at-risk students to have access to online learning. While raising funds without any physical contact or conversations was difficult, over time, I was able to raise enough funds to allow them to have access to smartphones and continue their learning online.

Through this, they were able to not only develop academically, but I was also able to continue teaching them Rubik’s Cubing through my program Cubestars - a social initiative that aims to improve students’ motor skills and mental agility through Rubik’s Cube solving. Through our efforts and the generosity of the donors, the fundraiser enabled the children at the Dribble Academy to have access to a resource that is especially essential for at-risk children: education.

Ambassador Year: