Abhinav Agarwal

ASE 2018

At YYGS, we were inhaling knowledge, innovative ideas and revolutionizing thoughts services as fuel for our mitochondria to convert into ATP.”

I recently learned that more than 250,000 Indian students are stranded in the United States. Due to travel restrictions, they were and still are unable to return home. Most of those students found themselves hapless with no place to live and limited food supplies. As an incoming frosh at Stanford University myself, I realized that I had to do something about the situation.

I joined the leadership team of the North American Association of Indian Students as a board member. NAAIS is an up and coming organization that is helping Indian students by connecting them with resources, groceries, accommodation, and legal aid. We have helped numerous students who were forced to live in dismal living conditions by providing them access to affordable living spaces. We have also been recognized by national and international media houses for our efforts to protect the interests of Indian Students in the US. In these trying times, we are bringing everyone together. 

Ambassador Year: