Takami Harano

ATC 2019

“I especially loved talking about East Asian relationship with my friends. I’m glad I was able to tell my friends about how things are like in Japan, and perhaps, break some stereotypes about Japan. I was also able to see different perspectives that really opened my mind.”

YYGS has motivated me to make a change in where I live. I live in Kisarazu, Japan, where there are many foreign residents. I wanted to do something that perhaps could make their everyday life better. I realized that in my local libraries, there are barely any English (or other language) books. I thought, wouldn’t it be better to have some foreign books for them? Since then, I decided to collect some old books from my friends and place it in local libraries or other assembly halls. I’m currently working on collecting books. I have several friends and my parents to help me. I hope this could help some foreign residents live a happier life!

Ambassador Year: