YYGS-Beijing Offers a Unique Cultural Experience for Participants

January 4, 2019

Yale Center Beijing is excited to host and administer the YYGS-Beijing Program again for Summer 2019. The program will take place from July 28 to August 10, 2019, and promises to bring 90 talented high school students from around the world together to explore the theme, “Asia in the 21st Century.” Participants will stay at the Fairmont Beijing Hotel, a five-star hotel that is within easy walking distance of Yale Center Beijing. Participants will join at the Center each day to learn from expert speakers and exceptional YYGS-Beijing staff about the current state of Asia and its interactions with the world.

YYGS-Beijing: Asia in the 21st Century (ATC) is designed to help young leaders gain a deeper understanding of the fastest growing region in the world today. Participants analyze the conditions that have promoted or impeded growth and development in Asia and explore the unique social, political, and economic challenges that countries face as they continue to progress. At the international level, participants look closely at Asia’s increasing engagement with the rest of the world and its impact on the global political landscape.

Here’s what last year’s participants had to say about YYGS-Beijing:

“If I had to describe my YYGS experience in one word, it would be marvelous. Every single component of YYGS was carefully crafted to allow us to think critically and creatively.” –Dhiraj from Malaysia

“Before, I knew the importance of education. But now I even developed much stronger passion for learning.” –Linh from Vietnam

“Friendship from across the globe is another takeaway. I was amazed again when I thought of 25 nationalities under one roof as a close-knit community.” –Yutang from China