Need-Based Financial Aid

YYGS provides need-based financial aid, which is offered as a discount on tuition (up to $6,250 USD, 100% of tuition). Students with any type of demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply for YYGS need-based financial aid.

Demonstrated financial need is considered separately from each student’s eligibility and application materials, and students are encouraged to provide us with as much information as possible (the information you provide will be kept confidential).

Though our programs cannot meet all requests for financial aid, we strive to meet as many requests as we can in a given year. Last year, YYGS distributed over $2.3 million USD in need-based financial aid.

Students should reach out to a parent/guardian, teacher, and/or school counselor to assist them, and Preview a Blank Application to review what Financial Aid information will be requested.

YYGS will waive the $60 USD Application Fee if it would constitute a significant financial burden for the student’s family. The 2019 Application Fee Waiver Form must be submitted with the financial aid portion of your application.

The application for financial aid is included as part of the online YYGS Application, and MUST be completed by February 6, 2019 at 11:59PM EST. Financial Aid requests received after this deadline will NOT be considered.

We encourage students from all financial backgrounds to apply for Yale Young Global Scholars. If you have any questions regarding the requirements, please contact us.

TRAVEL COSTS ARE NOT INCLUDED in program tuition nor in Need-Based Financial Aid packages, except in rare exceptions as outlined on the Scholarships page.