International Affairs & Globalization (IAG)

Dates: June 16 - June 29, 2019

The International Affairs & Globalization session (IAG) is designed to help students develop the skills and tools needed to make sense of and engage with an increasingly interconnected world. Students tackle pressing questions in international relations and examine the effects of globalization on communities around the world. They explore a variety of contemporary and historical issues and are challenged to think critically about complex international dilemmas related to a broad range of topics, including conflict and cooperation across borders, international law, human rights, and identity.

IAG is a great fit if you are intrigued by any of the following (or related) questions:

  • What are the powers and limitations of international governance, as exemplified by organizations like the United Nations or European Union?
  • What kinds of issues do refugees face and how can the international community work together to address these issues?
  • How have governments leveraged the power of social media to achieve foreign policy goals?
  • Does the concept of ‘Global Citizenship’ challenge or supplement the traditional nation-state framework of political organization?
  • How can governments effectively combat terrorism given the rise of terrorism stemming from non-state actors?
  • What are some major breakthroughs and challenges in cybersecurity in the 21st century?

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