Enrichment Experiences

Enrichment Experiences are special events scheduled throughout each two-week session that allow students to get even more out of their YYGS experience. Enrichment Experiences are tailored to each specific session to take advantage of the resources that Yale University has to offer in various fields of study.

Cultural Excursions [ATC]: Experience Chinese culture and history through a series of excursions in Beijing, China.

Film Screenings [LPC, CAM]: Engage with culturally significant films through screenings, panel discussions, and short lectures by instructional staff.

Library Visits, Museum Visits, and Archival Research [LPC, CAM]: Supplement seminars and lectures with visits to Yale’s world-renowned libraries and museums.

Library Workshops [IAG, PLE]: Explore the collections and resources available at Yale’s libraries through workshops led by Yale’s librarians.

Research Showcase and Science & Engineering Tours [ASE, FST, BBS]: Learn about research that’s happening at Yale University and visit one of the exciting locations where the research takes place.

SDSE Tour [SDSE]: Learn about initiatives connecting sustainability and entrepreneurship at Yale and within New Haven.

Simulation [ASE, FST, BBS, IAG, PLE, SDSE]: React on the fly in a simulated universe. Students all have an assigned role and need to work together to accomplish their goals. Situations and tasks will relate to each session’s theme, allowing for a deeper exploration of these topics.

Speaker Series [all sessions]: A chance to share a project, passion, or part of your personal story with the YYGS community.

Talent Show [all sessions]: Get on stage and enjoy an evening of fun and celebration!