Residential Life

YYGS promotes a diverse and inclusive community committed to the values of respect and dignity. The YYGS Leadership team strives to tailor the residential experience to meet the needs of all participants and staff, and to ensure that each individual has a sense of belonging at YYGS. Participants are expected to respect each other and our staff at all times.

Living on Campus

YYGS provides housing in Yale University’s historic Old Campus.

Housing is assigned by self-identified gender (i.e., male suites and female suites, all of which also accommodate students who identify as “Other” and/or with “They/Them/Theirs” pronouns). There is a shared, single-gender bathroom on each floor with individual toilets and shower stalls. You will be told which Residential College will house your session prior to the start of the program. Old Campus can be found at Yale’s campus map.

Some areas of Old Campus will be off-limits or have restrictions, which you will be informed of (including the ones below), but do reach out to our staff if you need clarification.

Courtyard:  7:00am – 10:15pm
Common Rooms:  7:00am – 10:15pm
Laundry Rooms:  7:00am – 10:15pm

Room/Suite Changes

There will be no room or suite changes. YYGS staff members are available and trained to help you work through any issues that arise between roommates and suitemates, and to do so confidentially.

Rights of Roommates and Suitemates

You and your fellow participants in the program will live in a multi-person suite. Roommates and suitemates must respect each other’s rights, possessions, and space. Communication and compromise are vital to a positive roommate/suite experience. You are encouraged to seek help from any staff member to mediate and resolve any roommate/suitemate difficulties.

Furniture, Cleaning, and Responsibility for Damage

Moving any furniture provided to you in the entire residence hall of Old Campus is strictly prohibited. You are expected to, and will receive regular reminders to, keep your rooms and suites clean throughout the program, and to regularly remove trash and recycling from the suite and take it to the designated containers in your building.

In the event of any damage to your room or suite, Yale Facilities will assess the damage, and your parents/guardians may be informed and will be required to cover the cost of the damage. Failure to cover the damage could result in your certificate of completion being withheld.


Laundry facilities with energy efficient washing machines and dryers are available in the basement of designated residential halls. Washers and dryers can be operated using coins or credit card and are activated by the payment machine in the laundry room. The cost per cycle is $1.50 USD. Laundry detergent is available in the YYGS Program Office free of charge. Professional dry cleaning and laundry services are available for a fee within three blocks of the residential colleges.


You must be inside the gates of Old Campus by 10:00pm and in your assigned entryway and assigned floor by 10:15pm. At 10:15pm, a staff member will come through and do a suite check. You must meet in the stairway of your floor for this check when instructed to do so. After 10:15pm, you MAY NOT leave your suite. Lights must be turned off by 12:30 am. 

Visiting Other Student’s Rooms

You may visit the rooms of other students of the same/similar gender or gender identity until 11:00pm. When visiting others’ rooms, be respectful of all suitemates and roommates. Parties in suites are not permitted. You may not visit the rooms of students of the opposite gender or gender identity.

Right of Entry

YYGS Program staff and other representatives of Yale University, including but not limited to Housing and Facilities staff, reserve the right to enter your room or suite at any time for health, safety, or maintenance reasons, and to ensure that the use of the room conforms with Program and University regulations.

Room Search

Program staff and other representatives of Yale University, including but not limited to Housing, Facilities, and Yale Police, may conduct a room search for health or safety reasons, and/or if there is a reasonable belief that there may be drugs, alcohol, weapons, or stolen property in the room or that you are in possession of any materials that are in violation of Program or University rules and regulations. In the interest of safety and security, Yale may conduct this search without your presence.

Respecting other residents

Residential fellows and their families live on campus; please do not disturb them or their guests, and respect their living space, including outdoor areas.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of a fire or emergency alarm in your Residential College:

  • Move silently to the courtyard.
  • Once outside, stay with your suitemates and wait for directions.
  • Staff members will direct you to stay in the courtyard if it is safe or you will be directed to exit the courtyard and stand in a certain location.
  • Staff members will account for you.
  • Staff members will let you know when it is safe to return to your residential college.

Room Key, Prox Card, & Name Tag

At check-in on the first day of the program, participants will receive:

  • A “prox card” for electronic entry to their residential hall and to all entryways within the residence. The same card will also be used to enter the assigned dining hall and serve as a meal card.
  • A physical key that unlocks his/her/their suite door AND bedroom door
  • A nametag

Each key and prox card contain a unique code that will be assigned upon check-in. If lost, each item costs $50.00 USD and cannot be replaced without payment. If participants do not return these items at check-out or pay $50.00 USD per lost item, their certificate of completion will be withheld.

Suite doors and bedroom doors should be kept locked during the session. Neither YYGS nor Yale University is responsible for any stolen items or money.

Participants must wear the nametag provided at all times during the program, with the exception of when they are in their suites/rooms.

Cell Phone

All participants are required to have a working U.S. cell phone or an international phone with WhatsApp downloaded (and checked daily) while attending the program

For students who do not already have phones that will work in the U.S., please consider the following two scenarios:

1. Scholar has an unlocked cell phone and needs a sim card, they may choose either of the following options -

  • Purchase a sim card prior to check-in from any trusted retailer.
  • If your scholar has an unlocked cell phone, representatives from AT&T will be on-site at check-in to sell them a sim card. AT&T is able to accept cash and credit cards. They will have the choice between a 1 or 8 gigabyte plan. Both offer unlimited talk and text.  You should expect to pay approximately $38.00 USD for the 1 gigabyte plan and $54.00 USD for the 8-gigabyte plan. Please note that not all cell phones can accommodate an AT&T sim card and that you may need to purchase a cell phone. The final cost will be $38.00 USD for the 1 gigabyte plan OR $54.00 USD for the 8-gigabyte plan. Please expect to pay this fee at check-in with cash or credit card. If using cash, please bring smaller denominations than $100 bills.  

2. Scholar needs a cell phone and sim card, they may choose either of the following two options -

  • Purchase a cell phone and sim card prior to check-in from any trusted retailer.
  • Representatives from AT&T will be on-site at check in to sell a simple smart phone with a sim card. AT&T is able to accept cash and credit cards. The cost of the cell phone is approximately $54.00 USD. They will have the choice between a 1 or 8 gigabyte plan. Both offer unlimited talk and text.  They should expect to pay an additional $38.00 USD for the 1 gigabyte plan or an additional $54.00 USD for the 8-gigabyte plan. The final cost (phone + plan) will be $92.00 USD for the 1-gigabyte plan OR $108.00 USD for the 8-gigabyte plan. Please expect to pay this fee at check-in with cash or credit card. If using cash, please bring smaller denominations than $100 bills. 

Meals at Yale

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be offered every day throughout the program to participants. All three (3) meals are included in tuition. Meals begin with dinner on the day of check-in and end with breakfast on the day of check-out.

If participants have any specific dietary needs or restrictions, including food allergies and religious observances, please provide that information when completing registration through your Slate account (Part 2C; Health History and Dietary Requirements). Yale Dining Services are able to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

The Program Boundary Area and Map

For the duration of the YYGS program, participants must stay within specific designated areas of Yale and New Haven. These boundaries are for their own security; they are set to ensure that we know where everyone is in case of emergency, and University security and emergency personnel can reach them. Given the potential risks involved in going outside of the established boundaries, there will be serious consequences for doing so – up to and including dismissal from the program. Please visit the online boundary map.

If for any reason participants need to go outside the program boundaries, then they will need to obtain permission to do so from the Residential Life Staff or a member of the YYGS Staff. In some cases during free time, a member of the staff may be able to provide supervision so that participants can go outside the program boundaries with the staff. Visit the program office to ask about this.

When traveling between locations with or within boundaries, participants may not use any sort of transportation other than walking by foot unless permission is granted by the YYGS Director or the Director of Residential Life. No one else is authorized to grant this permission.

During free time, participants may walk within the approved program boundaries during approved hours.

Please note that Yale Admissions interviews take place at the Yale Admissions building at 38 Hillhouse Avenue. If any participants are scheduled for a Yale Admissions interview, they must obtain approval from the Director of Residential Life through the online form that will be provided, and then sign out in the Program Office before leaving and must check back in upon return.

Safety in New Haven and Yale Police

Yale is an urban campus, and the campus buildings and other city buildings are interspersed throughout New Haven. Participants will likely interact with people unaffiliated with Yale during the course of the day. Please exercise caution in interacting with strangers and with people who are not affiliated with the YYGS program nor with Yale University.

Yale’s campus also contains city streets with urban traffic. Abide by all pedestrian rules, use only designated crosswalks, and obey all local traffic signals. There is always construction taking place on campus during the summers, so participants must be careful when walking around construction sites and take care to follow signs redirecting you. 

Participants will notice many Yale police and Yale security officers. They are often on foot or on bikes. These Yale employees are integral to keeping you safe. Feel free to approach them, if necessary. Representatives from the Yale Police Department will provide participants with an overview of security rules, tips, and contact information during orientation. 

There are approximately 500 exterior blue emergency phones on campus that participants may use in case of emergency or if you feel unsafe for any reason. The phones are equipped with red emergency buttons for direct connection to the University Police for police, fire, or medical emergencies, and a keypad for dialing any campus number.

Wi-Fi and Computer Equipment

Old Campus, where participants will be residing, has wireless network connectivity available in all areas of the residence, as do all Yale classrooms. Program participants will be provided with access to the secure Yale Wi-Fi network upon check-in.

Each participant is encouraged to bring his or her own laptop and is responsible for its security. Netbooks or tablets with keyboards are acceptable alternatives.

Payne Whitney Gym Membership

The small gyms in each residential college are off-limits to participants for safety purposes.

However, participants may register to use Yale’s Payne Whitney Gymnasium on Tower Parkway. This gym, completed in 1932, is one of the most elaborate indoor athletics facilities in the world.  This facility includes several centers that are available to participants who choose to purchase a weekly membership. The air-conditioned Colonel Lanman Center is a 57,000 square-foot facility for basketball, volleyball, and other sports activities with a suspended three lane 1/6 of a mile indoor jogging track. The Adrian C. “Ace” Israel Fitness Center includes state-of the art cardiovascular equipment, weight training circuits, and free weights.  Other facilities include two pools, rooms for dance, volleyball, basketball and martial arts, a gymnastics studio, and fencing facilities.  Participants may purchase a membership at the Payne Whitney Gymnasium online at: Instructions on how to access the gym upon will be emailed after completing the registration form.

Membership costs $25.00 USD per week, and includes access to the gym facilities including the swimming pool, exercise room, and jogging track.

For other questions about registration, please contact Yale Conferences & Events (YC&E) at 203-432-0465 or

PLEASE NOTE: If participants need to use the Payne-Whitney Gymnasium early in the morning, they may depart the residential college as early as 6:00 a.m. as long as they have at least one other participant or staff member with them. Additionally, they must text the Director of Residential Life with their name, session, and ID number to alert the Director of Residential Life of their whereabouts.

Religious Observance and Services

Information regarding Religious Services can be obtained from the Yale Chaplain’s Office online at

Non-denominational religious services are held in Battell Chapel at the corner of Elm and College Streets on Sunday mornings at 10:30am, inside the program boundaries.

A space for quiet religious observance may be reserved in some Residential Colleges. If you would like to take advantage of this space at any time during the program, please visit the Program Office and we will make proper arrangements.

Other University Spaces

During the course of the program, participants may have the opportunity to visit other spaces on campus, including West Campus, the Yale Art Gallery, the Yale British Art Museum, and libraries. Participants must be accompanied by YYGS staff to visit these spaces. While touring other areas of campus, participants are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Yale Young Global Scholars program rules as well as Yale University regulations.


All visitors must check in and sign in at the Program Office. While parents/legal guardians may visit their scholar, we strongly recommend limiting visits to lunch or dinner in order to minimize interruption of program activities. Other visitors (relatives, friends) also are welcome outside of class time, but any persons other than parents will need to be authorized by a parent or guardian. Parents/legal guardians must complete the “Permission to leave campus” form and authorization must be provided by the Director of Residential Life via email. All students and/or visitors must sign in and sign out with the YYGS Program.

Visitors are not allowed to attend lectures, seminars, or other program activities.

Visitors are also not allowed inside of the residential dorms during the session, except on arrival and departure days, and they may not stay overnight in the Residential Colleges under any circumstances.

Leaving the Program without Permission

If participants leave the program without using the established sign-out/sign-in procedures, they will be considered to have “run away” and parents/guardians and authorities will be contacted. This is a serious infraction of YYGS policy that will result in dismissal from the program. Yale cannot guarantee safety if participants disobey the program’s boundaries and/or the sign-out/sign-in protocol.

A “Permission to Leave Campus” form will be provided to families prior to the start of the session. Participants will receive a response from the Director of Residential Life granting or denying all requests. If a request is granted, participants should go to their program office at the time of departure to sign out. If a response is not received, participants should inquire with the Director of Residential Life.

Commuter Participants

If participants received a Commuter offer from YYGS, then they are responsible for confirming their travel arrangements with the Program Office. Their arrival on campus will be confirmed during regular attendance checks at lectures and seminars.

Commuter participants may not depart at the end of the day without signing out with the Program Office and arranging a Yale security escort if necessary for walking or driving to a car.

If participants drive themselves, they may not use their car during the course of the program and they may never drive another student anywhere, at any time, during the course of the program. YYGS does not provide parking.