Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Dates: TBD

What is it?

The Technology, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship (TIE) session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program targets students interested in how innovations in science or technology become a reality. This session will provide students with hands-on experience in solving a real-life problem whose implications may extend far beyond the two weeks spent at Yale.

This session will combine cutting edge work in technology with theories of innovation and problem solving. With an emphasis on developing practical innovative skills, students will learn strategies to identify the root causes of current issues, how to effectively communicate complex ideas to a broad audience, and the relationship between innovation, business, and policy.

Working in teams, students will first identify a need for innovation, conceptualize an idea, and incubate a solution. Emphasis will be put on the feasibility, marketability, and impact of these solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to tour some of Yale’s most impressive buildings and labs and see first-hand how innovations in design can be applied. Students will also hear from professionals working in both businesses and non-profits tackling emerging global challenges.

If you have asked yourself any of the below, or related questions, you will probably be interested in the Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program.

How can I make sure that my new idea will succeed?
What is the future of finance?

How does technology impact globalization, and vice versa?
How do intellectual property rights impact innovation?
Will technological advances and the accompanying new economic forces affect the world order?
How does one lead if you don’t know where one is going?
How does an idea or product go viral?

Other topics may include:

  • Theories of innovation and problem solving
  • Historical analysis of innovation & innovators
  • How to harness creativity
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Finance
  • Supply chains
  • Procedural hurdles necessary for all types of entrepreneurship
  • Fundraising
  • Start-ups
  • Marketing
  • Disruptive innovation

Who teaches in it?

Faculty involved in the program come from across the University including the Yale School of Management, Yale Law School, and various departments including psychology and computer science.