Science, Policy, and Innovation

Dates: July 25 - August 7, 2015

What is it?

The Science, Policy, and Innovation (SPI) session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program is targeted at students with interests in emerging global challenges in fields such as global health, environment, and energy, all areas that require technical expertise, policy fluency, and innovative leadership to effectively confront.

The summer 2015 SPI session will combine cutting edge work in the sciences with a focus on the interaction of policy and science. With an emphasis on developing scientific citizenship, students will learn how to effectively translate complex ideas to a non-expert audience and how scientific innovation is shaped by–and makes impacts on–policymakers and businesses, as well as the forces of globalization, development, and markets.

Lectures and seminars will cover topics like climate change, intellectual property law, bioethics, sustainable development, infectious diseases, social entrepreneurship and resource management.

Working in teams, students will develop and present a novel, pragmatic response to a contemporary challenge in one of the core program areas. Participants have the opportunity to tour Yale’s power plant or Yale’s LEED platinum building Kroon Hall, visit the Yale Farm, or explore the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design. Students will also hear from professionals working in both businesses and non-profits tackling emerging global challenges.

Who teaches in it?

Faculty involved in the program are drawn from across the University, including the Yale Law School, Yale School of Public Health, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and various departments in the sciences. They include:

  • Daniel Prober, Professor of Applied Physics and Physics
  • Michael Skonieczny, Executive Director of the Global Heath Leadership Institute and Lecturer in Public Health
  • Douglas Kysar, Joseph M. Field ’55 Professor of Law and Director of Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy

Are there prerequisites?

While not formally required, students interested in SPI should have some background in high school math and science, and should be familiar with the scientific method.

Given the interdisciplinary focus of the session, students who have substantial science backgrounds are encouraged to apply to SPI, as are students who are interested in using and applying science in problem-based solutions in policy and entrepreneurial work.