Frontiers of Math & Science (NEW!)

Dates: June 19 - July 2, 2017

The Frontiers in Math & Science (FMS) session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program delves deeply into the interface of physical sciences and mathematics.  Students will examine scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, and mathematics.  The uniqueness of this session comes through the exploration of interdisciplinary fields such as material science, biochemistry, biophysics, behavioral economics and environmental science.

If you have asked yourself any of the following (or related) questions, you will probably be interested in the FMS session.

  • How can we use physics to better understand the role of carbon in the atmosphere in climate change?
  • How are sub-atomic particles studied?
  • What is the best way to find another earth-like planet?
  • How are novel compounds discovered?
  • What do we do with all this data?

Students will attend lectures by Yale faculty, as well as smaller, more intimate seminars taught by Yale undergraduate and graduate students. Over the course of the two-week program, students will also work in Capstone project groups to identify problems in a specific topic, conduct rigorous background research, and propose solutions to those problems to their peers and instructors.

Excerpt from YYGS: Sciences student blog:

“Each day at YYGS was filled to the brim with activities, from engaging interdisciplinary lectures, to thought-provoking discussion sections, to fascinating seminars. Without an abundant physics or chemistry background, I was reluctant to participate in lectures and discussion sections. However, it soon became clear that YYGS was a welcoming environment for me to ask questions and absorb all of the new information. I came to realize that instead of limiting myself to material covered in school, I should feed my curiosity about fields such as nanotechnology, robotics, and astronomy.” - Carene Umubyeyi, Rwanda