Biological & Biomedical Science

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Dates: July 27 - August 9, 2017

The Biological & Biomedical Science (BBS) session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program emphasizes the study of biological processes and their applications. Students will explore interdisciplinary scientific disciplines such as epidemiology, biochemistry, neuroscience, ecology, and systems biology.

If you have asked yourself any of the following (or related) questions, you will probably be interested in the BBS session.

  • What is the relationship of biological systems on the cellular, system, organismic and societal level?
  • Can knowing an individual’s genetic makeup improve their medical care?
  • Can novel biological organisms be created in a dish?
  • Can the mind ever be understood by studying the brain?
  • How do the microbes in our digestive system affect our health?

Students will attend lectures by Yale faculty, as well as smaller, more intimate seminars taught by Yale undergraduate and graduate students. Over the course of the two-week program, students will also work in Capstone project groups to identify problems in a specific topic, conduct rigorous background research, and propose solutions to those problems to their peers and instructors.

Excerpt from YYGS: Sciences student blog:

“In the Biological and Biomedical Science program, I was exposed to many different facets of the fields, ranging all the way from music to plastic eating fungi. The wide range of topics that the lectures and seminars covered opened my eyes to all the different opportunities that science offers.” – Melissa Du, USA

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Looking for Yale’s doctoral program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS)? Click here >