The Yale Young Global Scholars Program is a very selective leadership-development program for high school students from around the world. The program is designed to bring together students with the talent, drive, energy, and ideas to make meaningful impacts as young leaders, even before they begin university studies.

Living on the Yale campus for two weeks during the summer, students in the program:

  • hone their abilities to think critically and flexibly;
  • engage productively with a diverse group of peers;
  • explore new and exciting ideas;
  • meet distinguished scholars and practitioners;
  • develop key communications skills.

While building a strong network of like-minded young people, participants assemble a leadership toolkit that they take back with them to their home communities at the conclusion of the program.

The program offers six intensive, interdisciplinary summer pre-collegiate experiences for 2017:  Politics, Law, and Economics; International Affairs and Security; Sustainable Development  & Social Entrepreneurship (new); Applied Science & Engineering; Biological & Biomedical Science; and Frontiers of Math & Science(new). While the academic themes of the sessions are different, participants in each complete similarly structured tasks and learning modules. All six sessions give high school student leaders opportunities to recognize and understand contemporary global issues, strategize responses, and innovate solutions while learning from renowned practitioners and Yale faculty members in a range of fields. 

The rigorous schedule includes daily lectures from Yale faculty, discussion seminars, and small-group meetings. Students are required in each session to complete a writing, research, and presentation project that includes a teamwork component. With no grades or course credit, the Yale Young Global Scholars Program encourages students to approach these projects creatively and with the understanding that they set their own limits. Program staff also design many opportunities for students to share their experiences and ideas outside of the classroom.

Frontiers of Math & Science (FMS)
June 19 - July 2, 2017

For students interested in exploring cutting-edge developments in the physical sciences and mathematics.

Sustainable Development & Social Entrepreneurship (SDSE)
June 19 - July 2, 2017

For students who are interested in exploring innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges facing our people and the planet.

Applied Science & Engineering (ASE)
July 9 – July 22, 2017

For students who want to explore the application of physical & computer sciences and engineering.

International Affairs & Security (IAS)
July 9 – July 22, 2017

For students with interests in international relations and security and learning historical lessons about leadership.

Politics, Law, & Economics (PLE)
July 27 - August 9, 2017

For students with interests in understanding American legal principles, economic ideas, and values and practices of government in historical and comparative perspectives.

Biological & Biomedical Science (BBS)
July 27 - August 9, 2017

For students who want to delve deeper in the study and application of life sciences.