Scholarships/Financial Aid

Need-Based Financial Aid

Yale Young Global Scholars provides need-based financial aid to students with demonstrated financial need, which is offered as a discount on tuition (up to $6,000 USD, 100% of tuition). The application for financial aid is included in the online program application and must be completed by the 2018 application deadline.

In order to qualify for our need-based financial aid, applicants must submit detailed financial information, and it is recommended that parents or guardians of applicants help students complete the required financial information. Last year, approximately one third of program participants received partial to full financial assistance to attend the program. Unfortunately, YYGS financial aid cannot cover travel expenses, and we cannot guarantee financial aid to all those who apply for it.

In all cases, applicants must provide:

  • all annual household income for the past three years, the number of individuals in the household, as well as other information relating to your household’s financial status
  • a statement of need explaining why the applicant is applying for need-based financial assistance to attend the program
  • additional supporting documentation, which varies depending on if you are a U.S. applicant or international applicant
  • YYGS reserves the right to request more documentation if necessary

For U.S. applicants, supporting documentation should include your parent or legal guardian’s federal income tax return from the most recent year available (2016 or 2017).

For international applicants, supporting documentation should include at least one or more of the following (please submit as many as can be conveniently be provided):

  • copy of the most recent income tax forms from the country where your parents/legal guardians pay taxes
  • a letter from parents/legal guardians employer stating position, salary, all benefits, and years of service
  • a letter from a bank stating the amount of funds available to parents/legal guardians or applicant
  • a copy of an award of any scholarship or loans that the student receives

We encourage students from all financial backgrounds to apply for the Yale Young Global Scholars Program. If you have any questions regarding the requirements, please contact us.

TRAVEL COSTS ARE NOT INCLUDED in program tuition or the financial aid package.


Thanks to generous donors, YYGS is able to offer various full-tuition scholarships that sometimes include travel. These scholarships are normally named and they vary from year to year. Eligible students will receive an email whenever one is available. In order to be considered for one of these scholarships, you must fulfill the scholarship’s eligibility requirements and complete the need-based financial aid application. Examples of named scholarships include the Middle East Student Leadership Award, YYGS-Qooco Scholarship, and YYGS-Arconic Scholarship.

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YYGS Fundraising Manual

In addition to receiving scholarship money, there are many ways to bridge the financial gap and raise funds to cover remaining costs. Each year, admitted students work with their extended families, friends, neighbors, schools, and community organizations to raise funds for tuition and travel to YYGS. We have put together a “tips” guide to assist your planning activities.

Download the YYGS Fundraising Manual here.