Politics, Law & Economics

Dates: July 27 - August 9, 2017

The Politics, Law & Economics (PLE) session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program is aimed at students with an interest in understanding economic theory, the values and practices of government, and legal frameworks in historical and comparative perspectives.  Students learn key ideas in topics such as public policy, human rights, market regulation, governance structures, and international law. The session enables students to examine social systems and present day issues through the lenses of economic, legal, and political theory.

Students will attend lectures by Yale faculty from such areas as the Yale Law School, and Departments of History, Political Science, and Economics.  In addition, students will attend smaller, more intimate seminars taught by Yale undergraduate and graduate students from across the university. Over the course of the two-week program, students will also work in Capstone project groups to identify problems in a specific topic, conduct rigorous background research, and propose solutions to those problems to their peers and instructors.

Excerpt from the YYGS PLE blog:

“I immersed myself in the philosophy of the U.S. Constitution; the complicated yet intriguing Marbury v. Madison case gave me a much deeper understanding of the founding principles of the United States. The topics of the lectures extend to races in America; Professor Jonathan Holloway used historic cases such as Martin Luther King to exemplify what it means to be an American: fighting for the spirits of the United States, such as freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. Akhil Amar, one of the greatest legal thinkers in the U.S, took the topic further to a bold claim that the principles of the U.S. Constitution changed the world in a forever and fundamental way. Those professors’ enthusiasm, different yet excellent lecturing styles, and, most importantly, idealism, inspired me. They made me believe that there’s a possibility that the world could be a better place, and we should all work towards that goal with passion and commitment.” - Harry Jiang, China

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