International Affairs & Security

Dates: July 8 - July 21, 2016

What is it?

The International Affairs & Security (IAS) session of the Yale Young Global Scholars Program is designed for students with interests in international relations and security. The session emphasizes leadership development, and draws on historical examples and contemporary issues to help students think strategically and negotiate potential responses to complex international dilemmas.

Modeled on the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy administered by International Security Studies for Yale undergraduate and graduate students, the program takes a broad view of the idea “grand strategy” as the relationship of means to large ends. In addition to attending lectures and seminars on topics such as cybersecurity, international terrorism, humanitarian intervention, executive decision-making, and resource security, students complete a capstone project called the “Marshall Brief.” For this exercise, students work in teams throughout the program to develop a policy proposal and write a report of their recommendations, ending with a presentation to an audience of instructors and fellow students.

Students also participate in a crisis simulation modeled on real-world events, learn about careers in policy-making, national security, and international organizations, and reflect on the challenges of effective leadership.

Who teaches in it?

IAS brings together faculty and distinguished practitioners in a variety of fields, including those in the Departments of History and Political Science, the Jackson Institute, the Yale School of Management, and the Yale Law School. They include:

  • John Lewis Gaddis, Robert A. Lovett Professor of Military and Naval History and recent Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Ambassador John Negroponte, Distinguished Fellow in Grand Strategy and former United States representative to the U.N.
  • Paul Kennedy, CBE, J. Richardson Dilworth Professor of History

Are there prerequisites?

While not formally required, students interested in IAS should have some background in high school history and social studies. Extensive background in these fields is not required.