Frank Robinson

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Research Scientist in Geology and Geophysics

Title of YYGS ASE Lecture “The Essential Physics of Anthropogenic Climate Change”


This lecture will provide an overview of the physics of human induced climate change or anthropogenic global warming (AGW).  We  will look at which aspects of the climate system are well understood (e.g. forcing by non-condensing greenhouse gasses such as CO2) and which are uncertain (e.g. feedbacks from  clouds),  and  how these are quantified by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC).   Topics covered will also include: proxies of global mean temperature, natural variability (e.g. El Nino), global radiative forcing and climate feedbacks. The level of physics required will be about that of a typical high school physics class.

Dr. Frank Robinson is a Lecturer and Research Scientist at Yale University and has degrees from Leeds, Oxford and Hong Kong. While at Yale, he has published over 20 peer reviewed articles in stellar astrophysics, atmospheric convection and simulations of laboratory convection. He has been teaching undergraduate classes for about 10 years across 4 different departments. In addition to teaching physics, geophysics and astronomy, he has created several new classes in Yale College, such as ‘Movie Physics’ and ‘Science and Pseudoscience’. His administrative roles in Yale College include directing the science and QR tutoring program, coordinating science and QR for Freshmen Scholars at Yale (FSY) and the creation of a calculus preparation program for students entering Yale with limited exposure to math. He enjoys advising Freshmen and Sophomores on their academic choices and is currently a fellow of Timothy Dwight College.