YYGS Alumni Ambassador: Asantewa Owusu-Darko

February 4, 2015

I do not know about you, but I am very optimistic about the world’s future. Through YYGS I have been exposed as well as interacted with young leaders and change makers who are ready to create a meaningful impact on the globe. Most importantly, I believe we all have a unique talent and story that is going to make this impact worthwhile. Coming from Ghana and studying in a Pan-African Secondary school known as the African Leadership Academy in South Africa, I have seen this happen on a continental scale. However from my interaction with people such as Laura, Julia, Claire, Marisela, Olivia, Mariko, Liliane, Natasha and other young minds, I can’t wait to see how many lives we can impact.

I must say I came with the impression that being Ghanaian I would be asked the stereotypical questions about Africa. However, I was shocked to have meaningful conversations with participants and all I heard where optimistic and blissful stories about Africa and most importantly Ghana.

I was eager to learn as much as I could and improve on myself not only on an intellectual level but also socially. I have improved my understanding on the Cold War through my lectures, The Western Sahara Crisis through my Policy Group, How to organize a coup through my simulation group, understanding Gender through Helen, What it means to be African and a Ghanaian living abroad through Akwei, Ameze and Helina. Most importantly I learnt to appreciate diversity.

Coming from a school that prides itself in being diverse, I learnt to understand diversity from another perspective through YYGS. I gained the skill of being open minded. I realised that though my school, it made it possible for me to interact with students across Africa. Yet, we had a lot in common. Our values had been shaped by our traditional beliefs. However, through YYGS I was allowed to take an objective look at situations without basing my judgement on societal norms nor religion. I could look at it through various lenses.

YYGS has been a true eye opener and I can’t wait to work with a YYGS Alumni in my home country Ghana!