Flyers (download to share)

Share information about the Yale Young Scholars Program! Our flyers are designed to be suitable for printing and display.

Download 2017 YYGS Prospectus

The 2017 YYGS Prospectus can be printed and used during information sessions and distributed to networks who would like an information booklet to display or hand-out. 

Download Information Flyer (to post)

Distribute, post, or forward this flyer to fellow students, educators, parents, and anyone else that may be interested in the program. This flyer is one-sided and can be hung on walls.

Download Information Card (print and share)

Print and share this information card with students and educators at information sessions, summer opportunity fairs, etc. This flyer is double-sided.

Download Flyer with QR Code

To easily access the online application, students may scan the QR code with their smartphone. Don’t have a QR reader app? Just download one to your smartphone - most are free!